Everyone can write — and learn to write better


Join our writing workshops — a nurturing community of writers where your best work will surface and grow.

Our creative writing groups for fiction and creative non-fiction  any kind of prose, including memoir — all inspire the confidence to unlock the words in your heart, plus teach you the tools of the craft.

See our schedule to reserve a place in Austin's only Amherst Writers & Artists group.

In any weekly meeting at the Writer's Workshop, you play while you learn what's powerful and effective about your natural writing voice. Through exercises and creative prompts offered during each meeting:

  • We extend a writing community to include all levels of writing experience
  • We spark new writing, work you can polish later, or simply take pleasure in its creative joy
  • We share experiences from the writers at our table to learn and practice craft, improving our writing

We come together around our table in a safe and supportive environment. The Workshop and its members are devoted to helping our tales and talents blossom and bear fruit. We offer exercises to inspire and feed your desire, bolstered by only positive response, hearing what's memorable about each night's fresh writing. You see, until we know what's working in our writing, we have no business examining what does not.

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Extend your dreams and stories week by week, month to month. Start up or kickstart a book. Get that novel or creative nonfiction work out of your head and heart, and onto the page. Set up a free evaluation meeting for creativity coaching services. Or use your Class Card to write at our weekly workshops on a flexible schedule. Open your writing life to a community that sparks art from your creative heart!

— Ron Seybold, Director

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