Creation Nights

The Creation Night Experience

In the evening Creation Groups you play while you practice what’s powerful and effective about your writing voice. Through the Creative Spark exercises and prompts

  • Writers learn and practice craft to improve and discover skills
  • You can build on a book in progress using Creative Sparks
  • We grow new writing to polish and expand later — or just for the creative joy
  • When you read to us, you hear only the high notes from other writers about the just-created work.

It’s strengths-based writing training that helps grow your craft and find your community — and stay in contact with your project.

“I love to see my writing progress into something better. Also, getting feedback on my writing — to not only be able to practice, but to sense that I have actually connected with people around me. Almost more than anything else, I love to see the people around me progress, to watch them develop their own voice and style.”
— Earnie Painter

Tuesdays, North Studio • $160 for 4 nights • May 15 – June 5

Wednesdays, South Salon • $160 for 4 nights • March 14-April 4