Editing Services

Full spectrum editing

As an editor and coach I help writers no matter where they stand in the creation journey. Starting with a full draft of your manuscript? Or you’ve begun and need fresh eyes to evaluate your work.  Count on my 35 years of editing and industry work to polish and advance your book.

Editing services

Every writer needs copy editing. I’ve edited books, magazines, publications, and journals. My standard rate for copy editing—including cleanup of grammar and punctuation, revising sentences, and maintaining consistency and style—is 1.6 cents per word.

Many books benefit from development editing, sometimes called line editing. Reviews cover narrative, vocabulary, structure, and voice, with my notes in Word and an editorial letter. Development editing improves books in progress. You better understand choices about story flow, deciding what to include and what can be set aside. Development editing is 2 cents a word. I work with unfinished manuscripts, too.

The difference: Copy editing is for a finished book that needs its language polished before you offer it to an agent or publisher. Development editing helps you create the best book from the ground up. We develop story structure, plot, characters, and themes. The editorial letter guides your choices.

Try it: I’ll test-edit a 10-page double-spaced sample of your book for free, so you can decide if we’re right for each other. Send me your file to get your sample edit.

Snyopsis-Query Services

Editors and agents want to see your story summarized before deciding to read more. A brisk synopsis and a compelling query get your foot in the door and show that you know your book and its theme. I can develop from the start with you or edit and revise your existing query and synopsis. If you’re trying to lock down how your Compel paragraph looks, we should talk.

Agent research: Using up to date industry databases and published-comparable book titles, I’ll help you track down the agents to whom you’ll submit queries, synopses, and manuscript samples.

How it works

We start with a 30-minute introductory meeting via phone, or on Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts. I get to know you and your project. You send me a complete file with your work and we establish a schedule and set goals.

The biggest boost to your success will be investing in time to revise. We’ll find practices to keep you creating. When you keep working, you are making progress toward completing your book. Finishing School is new a 4-week program to discover your habits and align your efforts with completion.