Make your books better.
Get author coaching. Release your creations.

Authors and writers create at the Workshop. Whether you’re ready for editing, need professional services as an indie author, or are just starting out to improve your writing craft or your book, I’m here to help. I’m the general contractor for your book.

  • Editing manuscripts, evaluating a synopsis or query letter, plus agent research
  • Development editing to take books to the highest level
  • Author coaching to create books while learning and enhancing skills
  • Production editing to take completed books to print and ebook editions, including marketing

Editing polishes books for submission to agents and editors, or for indie publication. Coaching lifts storytelling skills and keeps you writing. Production editing gets your book into the world, sold through outlets for paperbacks and ebooks.

The training videos and blog articles here show you how to polish and develop writing. The lessons flow from 40 years of publishing industry experience. It’s refreshed by everyday work with authors like you.

Make your book the best it can be. Get personal editing with professional results.

— Ron Seybold, Director

“Tenderly poignant, wise and affecting. A beautifully stirring reflection on the joys and challenges of fatherhood.” Kirkus

Get a copy of Small Packages

Our edition of stories, poems, and prose from the Writers Workshop is a 56-page anthology from more than 20 Workshop writers. The stories and poems were launched during the Workshop’s Creation Nights. Order it here, with free shipping within the US. A portion of the book’s proceeds goes to support the Austin Bat Cave literacy in schools program.