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Growing Stories Every Day

Summer Creation Nights start on May 30

Writers at every level create at the Workshop, where we offer

Creation Nights grow your writing. Workshop groups develop a book. Coaching lifts your writing skills. Editing polishes books to make them ready for submission to agents and editors. 

Join a workshop to develop your book in progress. We meet at our studio space on weekends. By writing and submitting to a workshop, plus responding to the work of others, you develop stronger storytelling. Creative coaching and editing services also help you polish your work and shape it for publication.

RonGrin250Our videos and our blog articles show how to polish and develop writing. They're a resource for learning that supports our creation groups, workshops and coaching sessions. In Creation Groups you practice the crafts of writing, focusing on core elements. We meet to serve prompts and exercises for inspiration, then we hear you share what you've written. 

Begin with ease. Finish what you begin. Create together with more fun.

— Ron Seybold, Director  



The Creation Night Experience

In our evening Creation Groups you play while you learn what's powerful and effective about your natural writing voice. Through our Creative Spark exercises and prompts on Creation Nights

  • We grow new writing to polish and expand later — or just for the creative joy 
  • Writers at our table learn and practice craft to improve and discover skills 
  • You hear only the high notes from fellow writers about your just-created work. It's strengths-based response that will help grow your craft.

Small Packages Cover


Get your copy of Small Packages

Our debut edition of stories, poems, and prose from the Writers Workshop is a 56-page anthology from more than 20 Workshop writers. The stories and poems were launched during Workshop Creation Nights. Find a copy at Austin booksellers Malvern Books and BookPeople, or order it here. A portion of the book's proceeds goes to support the Austin Bat Cave literacy in schools program.

Book editing and coaching

LinkedIn Ranked top 1% for editing

More about book editing and creative coaching


Writing Tip

The role of therapy in memoir contains a caution. Use it to your advantage.


Ron's workshop is very supportive of budding authors, offering creative opportunities to write, hear encouraging feedback, and write alongside others.

Lorna Idol
Oct 05, 2013


Viral-Times-gasmask-cover blog
A novel
of a challenge
to rescue love
In the near future, a pandemic threatens us all with a virus — one that can be transmitted over the Internet. Read the novel about a battle to heal love

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