A Chance to See Illumination’s Creator

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I learned today that Jonathan Safran Foer is going to be reading from his new novel Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close in Austin on April 17, a Monday night at the Barnes & Noble store not 10 minutes from The Writer’s Workshop. It’s just too fascinating to pass up. Novelists read aloud at bookstores to sell their books, but I have a feeling this author might give us the kind of performance that stands up to a David Sedaris level of theatre. At least I’d believe so after reading his Everything Is Illuminated, a book that doesn’t want to behave like many others but is full of quirky brilliance.

Foer reads upstairs at 7 PM at the Arboretum branch, at the end of Jollyville Road (our workshop studio is just three blocks off Jollyville on the road’s other end), and if you’re curious, you might want to get there early. It’s not a large space up there, but it might be big enough for a writer who doesn’t want to work inside everybody else’s boundaries.

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