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I’ve talked before about Poynter.org, the wonderful Web and training resource for journalists, writers and reporters of non-fiction. (It’s got a lot to offer fiction writers, too.) Now Poynter has a free university with online courses on things like interviewing, copy editing and rewriting. Many of these skills cut across all kinds of writing. But if your forte is non-fiction, you can hardly go wrong by enrolling in NewsU.

Yeah, it’s free, somehow. Registering doesn’t leave the flotsam of spam flowing through in your mailbox, either. You register, look over courses, sign up and take it through your browser. (It needs Flash, but most browsers and PCs are already set up to run Flash animations.)

I’ll give it a try this weekend and report back next week, after my Hill Country Ride for AIDS cycling event on Saturday. The 50-mile ride should provide some good non-fiction material.

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