Amazon loosens its Kindle payment purse

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Amazon loosens its
stack of coins

Amazon will now pay you for every e-book you sell every month. The largest book retailer in the world is paying much quicker than any traditional publisher. From a message sent to all of us Kindle authors this week:

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) authors who receive their royalty payments electronically will now be paid in full every month for all their sales without any minimum thresholds for payout. This gives authors greater access to their earnings and a more reliable payment schedule, 60 days after the month royalties are earned.

It’s easy to set your account payment preference for the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) royalty payment option. Simply sign in to your KDP account and under “Your Royalty Payments,” select EFT for each applicable marketplace.

You’ll get an electronic payment to your checking account 60 days after the month in which the sale occurred. Yes, if you sold one 99-cent book, Amazon will pay you the 67 cents (your 70 percent, less the data file carrying charge.)

In the old scheme — and for authors who still insist on checks instead of electronic deposits — you needed to hit a threshold of $100 to see any royalties. There’s something heartwarming about seeing even modest deposits from a book you’ve labored to write, get edited and proofread, then pushed you way into the Kindle store.

On that last task: Bookbaby has a $249 package that takes your Word file and makes it available to the leading ebook distributors. There’s a pared-back set of services at $99, too. Highly recommended.

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