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Authors are selling their books themselves, instead of waiting for Amazon to deliver readers. An automagical delivery link from BookFunnel lets your website buyers download your book immediately after purchase, without having to check their email. BookFunnel says, “This is exactly the experience that authors — and their readers — want when selling direct.”

Selling direct is a growing strategy for authors with books that can get lost in Amazon’s torrent of titles. More than one million books will be published this year. If you’re capable of getting a reader’s attention, you don’t want their purchase to vanish while they move onto the Amazon site — where five other books are offered at checkout time.

BookFunnel is the $ 10-a-month secret weapon in your campaign to, you guessed it, funnel books to your readers and reviewers. You need a store on your website to sell direct, but people are using Shopify to sell books, gathering sales, and then using the BookFunnel Checkout Delivery Page.

Authors on BookFunnel are setting up full-blown stores, dabbling with one-off bundles, presales, quick sales, all kinds of stuff, all the time. There’s a whole world of direct selling options out there to explore, and it doesn’t have to be complicated, technical, or time-consuming.

If you’re a smart author who’s learning to sell their books themselves from an author website, this tool can help deliver the goods.


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