Bounding back from revisions

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Writing is re-writing, but once you’ve done your rewrites it’s time to move on into the next book, story or article. A fresh start on a new project can seem tempting while you’re digging out of the problems of revising drafts. Once you’re clear of that book, though, starting can be difficult.

Over at the blog Be The Story, author J. Timothy King offers several layers of advice on how to beat the post-revisionist blues. He shares more than 10 aspects to consider about tools to approaching that new work. One that stands out, for me after my first novel Viral Times, is to stop judging the completed work.

Have a look at King’s post. It’s adapted from How to Lift Depression … Fast by Joe Griffin. As creators we tend to put a lot of our self-worth into our work. While the judgment is an appropriate part of the work, that kind of criticism tamps down our spirit to return to new creations. Let the best response to completing your work be encouraging, even if the writing is far from perfect. Writers improve their ability by writing. Authors have more than one project inside them.

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