How to avoid a too-big book
Why, you must ask yourself, is that Big Book so essential to your story? Be honest about whether what’s creating the bloat is really world-class scenarios that would spice up any narrative.
Can that character be you?
Making Bullets Do a Summary’s Bidding
Emulate other books to grow your own
Let’s talk about your book’s pricing
The Future That Was Viral Times
Good scenes make better love
Suppose the rules for starting stories aren’t true?
Point of View: how many do you need?
Writing stories in first person is an electric thrill for many authors. You have easy access to emotions and sensations, plus the mystery of solving the problems of the plot is intense, too. Sometimes it’s tempting to want to use multiple first person points of view. Consider why you need more than one.
I want a great cover. What is that, anyway?

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