Combining writing and yoga

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Stretching yourself is a regular benefit of practicing your writing. I live in a house where there is another kind of practice being stretched: yoga. My wife teaches Heartfelt Yoga classes in the studio where The Writer’s Workshop meets for its Tuesdays, Wednesdays and its Saturday Samplers.

Today I’m off to a writing and yoga retreat for a few days of stretching in both of these practices. We will interleave AWA writing sessions with master leader Patricia Lee Lewis and yoga guru (to me, anyway) Charles McInerney. It’s three days of two things that are good for one writer’s insides.

Since it’s a retreat, we won’t be sharing a tip tomorrow. (No Internet at any genuine retreat.) Check back on Monday to read a report of how we combined these two elements to nurture complementary practices. Pictures, too.

If you’d like to work on these things on your own, I recommend The Journey From the Center to the Page. It’s a set of yoga asanas combined with suggested exercises. Powerful stuff. There’s also Patricia’s retreats to consider, in places much more exotic than the Texas wildflower country.

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