Creation Night Practices

Confidence in your voice, imagination, and new writing unfolds at our Creation Nights. Weekly meetings in a series let you build fresh work and hear response about the memorable, shining parts of your new writing. Together we support your first draft work, keeping what’s written in confidence while it grows on your pages.

How Our Nights Look

People create fresh writing in authentic voices during our nights. We start with a short guided meditation to open our writing space. I offer a Creative Spark: a prompt or an exercise, or some play with the Storymatic. We write for 15-25 minutes per spark. I mind the time while we all write together.

After our writing from a creative spark, I’ll ask writers read aloud. Reading is always optional. It strengthens what’s best in your writing, though. Our group only responds to and comments upon what’s strong, what was memorable in the writing that was just created. Even people who are unsure about reading aloud come to enjoy sharing their fresh work. You learn about the best of your writing from other writers at the table. They are the readers of your new writing.

We treat everything as fiction, whether it’s poetry, prose, essays, or the personal stories of memoir. That makes things safer for us all, so we can take our risks on the page. It’s a unique practice. Our timed minutes of focused writing together lead you to hear the true voice of your writing.

A variety of our exercises, using visual sparks, wordplay, and shared or random prompts, make up a Creation Night. That, and a little wine, fizzy waters, and chocolate.