Creation Nights

Creation Nights are suspended for the duration of COVID. The techniques, though, can be used on your own.

The Creation Night Experience

In a Creation Group, you play while you practice, learning what’s powerful and effective about your writing voice. Using Creative Spark exercises and prompts

  • We learn and practice craft to improve or discover skills
  • You can build on a book in progress using Creative Sparks
  • We grow new writing to polish and expand later — or just for the creative joy
  • When you read to us, you’ll hear only the high notes from group members about your just-created work. New writing deserves love.
  • Work developed in Creation Groups can appear in our Small Packages anthologies

These nights are strengths-based training to help grow your craft and find your tribe — as well as a way for authors to keep connected with their works in progress.

“I love to see my writing progress into something better. Also, to get feedback on my writing — to not only be able to practice, but to sense that I have actually connected with people around me. Almost more than anything else, I love to see the people around me progress, to watch them develop their own voice and style.” — Earnie Painter

Order a spot for Fridays
$200 for 5 nights

More details on what a Creation Night looks like, as well as the refreshments.