Critique workshops

Novel Workshop

10-1 PM, monthly on Saturdays

Our series includes manuscript response sessions, discussion and advice on craft and publishing, editing resources and more. Your membership gives you a private coaching session on your project, plus detailed editorial notes to develop up to 200 pages of your manuscript over an 8-meeting series.

Workshop members share pages in advance of the meeting. Using the Amherst Writers & Artists method of both positive and instructive critique, we read writing and offer response in a moderated group. The comments identify specific places where the storytelling pulls a reader away or leaves them confused. We talk about where your writing succeeds, too.

Our meetings give you a set of evaluating eyes to help you revise and grow your story. Capture the power of workshopping — a process agents and editors say is essential to publication.

$380 for 8 consecutive meetings. Make your book the best it can be.

Memoir Workshop

10-1 PM, monthly on Saturdays

Tell your story from a slice of your life. The Memoirs Workshop series includes manuscript response sessions, lessons on craft and publishing, resources for industry advice and more. Your membership in this group also gives you two private book coach sessions or two hours of editing services.

Memoir writers share their pages, reading in advance of meetings. You come away with notes on your story. The study of other writers’ work helps you focus on what’s working in your own memoir.

Craft talks give you tools to make changes and grow your story. Learn about effective characterization, drawing a story arc, devices like section breaks, tools for transitions, taking possession of your story, how to choose your material, plus methods to develop and pitch your memoir for publication.

$490 for 9 consecutive classes. Develop your memoir among fellow authors working in your genre.