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Helping stories into the world

As an editor and coach I help writers no matter where they stand in the creation journey. Starting with a dream and an idea? Or you've written some and now have a good start, but need help through the middle. Count on my 35 years of editing and industry experience to help you write what the world wants to read.

When I work as your coach you get a partner for accountability, processes, story insights, editorial management, and even co-creation as needed. We might take a first draft and develop it. Or get your book ready for the world, building the synopses and queries for agents and editors. We can also work with a goal of publishing on your own with indie options.

Editing Services

You can begin with a $300 Creation Package to help you develop a story and tune it up: six hours, plus unlimited emails. We look at your writing's characters, plot, scenes, and theme. You send drafts of chapters, and after an initial read, we talk: phone, email, Skype, FaceTime. Microsoft Word comments, in-line, provide advice to revise. For copy-editing, I use Word's Track Changes so you see each change.

Writers benefit from book Developmental Editing: seeing choices about how the story flows and grows, what to include, and what you can set aside. Copyediting, for a completed draft, costs 2 cents per word, or a negotiated rate for books longer than 100,000 words.

The difference: Copyediting is for a finished book that needs its language polished. This checks on the book's last few steps before offering it for publication. Earlier in your process, Developmental Editing helps you create the best book from the ground up. We develop story structure, plot, characters, and themes.

Share 10 pages for a complimentary evaluation. Send details via the Complimentary Evaluation link below, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


What you'll invest

The initial stage starts at $300. We lay out a program and set a schedule, then tune up the timeframe to help you best. You get a 30-minute introductory meeting via phone or Skype, FaceTime, or Facebook Video, to get to know one another and your project — no cost.

The biggest boost to your success doesn't have a price tag. It's your investment in time to work toward your goals. I can train you in practices to keep you creating. When you keep working, you are making progress toward completing your book.

Corporate communication

Blog development is an art as well as a science. I've managed and launched commercial blogs since 2005 across creative pursuits and corporate enterprises. A Blog Restart retainer package gives you an overview of your Web writing to date, advice on content resources, writing as needed—plus ways to cook up stories to make your website rise in search engines. Learn how to set up a writing schedule and calendar. Blogs need regular feeding.

Content is king on the Web. Here's advice on SEO Myths, by Hubspot:

Links are an important part of your website’s authority. However, if you have budget to invest in your website, I would say, “Hire someone to write for you.” When you invest in content, that content can be used for webpages, blog posts, lead generation offers, and guest posts on other sites — all content types that will bring more links with them over time.

Business communication is $500 for the first 5 hours. There are discounts for larger packages. Call me at 512-657-6264 to get a custom estimate.

Creative coaching for practices, editing for polishes

Creative Coaching helps your writing by developing productive practices. We talk about your goals, your creation habits, how writing delivers meaning to your life. Writing locations, rituals, tools like the Pomodoro timed practice — there's so many concepts out there. Investing in coaching costs less than you might think. We develop a package that fits your project and budget.

Got a draft of a book, early chapters, or a set of stories? I'll help you grow your writing. Share 10 pages for a complimentary evaluation. Send details via the Complimentary Evaluation link below, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call or text at 512-657-3264. Let's get started developing, creating, and editing together. We're growing stories every day.

Ask me about development, coaching and editing services. Let's work together to finish what you've begun.


About Ron Seybold

ron-profileI've been editing authors through more than three decades: stories, books, and articles, both fiction and nonfiction. I've published a novel, Viral Times. Manuscripts from my two forthcoming books, a historical novel and a memoir, have earned their way to Finalist shortlists in the Writer's League of Texas. Four novelists have been traditionally published after working in my manuscript groups; one earned her way to the New York Times Bestseller List. The Workshop's writers have won or been named Finalists in the Writer's League of Texas Manuscript Contest.

I volunteer at the Austin Bat Cave literacy program, tutoring in public schools. I served for a full tour of duty in the US Army to pay for my college degree through the GI Bill. I've also cycled close to 30,000 miles over the last 15 years, starting with fundraising rides for the Hill Country Ride for AIDS. Dozens of miles a day on a bike are good practice for finishing something long like books.

I'm the only editor and creative coach in Greater Austin who uses the Amherst Writer's & Artists methods to nurture authors and polish their writing. Workshops are a specialty. I've been a panelist at the Writer's League of Texas Third Thursday program, speaking on workshopping. I'm a Gold Level Community Sponsor of the League and have been a member since 1992.

My book coaching is based on creative coach training with Dr. Eric Maisel, a psychologist and author of 14 books on creativity. In developmental editing, authors create with my guidance to take a deep look into character development and storytelling, choices that build a sound book from the bottom up.

I call on my University of Texas journalism degree; studies in Iowa's Summer Writing programs and workshopping at the Tin House summer seminars; instruction from Writer's League of Texas writing professionals; as well as studies with plot master Donald Maas and writing guru Natalie Goldberg to help writers from inspiration to publication.

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I'm a published author of the futuristic thriller Viral Times, a story of a viral pandemic and its impact on love. You can buy a copy from this website's shop, Austin's BookPeople and Malvern Books, or on Amazon.

Journalist of community papers to tech business news

Since 1981, I've worked as a reporter and editor for publications, writing in features, news reporting, sports, and the arts, across three newspapers and in long-form journalism supplements. In 1995 I started the 3000 Newswire as the world's only news resource for the HP 3000 business computer community. See my full editing and writing profile at LinkedIn. Connect with me, so we can partner up.

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