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This morning I stumbled across Memidex, the free online “dictionary, thesaurus and more.” If you ever need to know the difference between rhinoviruses and arborviruses, or what contiguous means, or a synonym for incipient, Memidex ( finds it fast.

What I liked about this online tool was its relentless linking. The definition for arborvirus is teeming with medical words all linked to other definitions.

The unique features of Memidex include:

  • detailed information for each sense
  • more cross-references
  • convenient hierarchical links
  • full listing of inflected forms
  • no obscure abbreviated labels
  • quick search for exact matches
  • complete, easily browsable index
  • easy-to-link-to URLs
  • clear, simple, uncluttered layout
  • frequent, recorded updates
  • fast average page access time
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