Four things your email newsletter needs

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Help those author newsletters get read by including all four food groups of content.

Education: How to do a task, explained in a thorough but concise way. It might be the way to write a summary of a chapter. (Maybe it’s a list of the contents for writing a useful newsletter.)

Information: “This event or this trend is emerging from here.” It’s news, in a word, even as simple as a notice of a reading or the release date of a new movie, show, or book. A class date that’s coming up is also information. You can report from another resource here, adding your own spin.

Entertainment: This is a fun fact, a clever video, a quirky podcast, or a novel website game. It’s a matter of taste here, not proven science. Okay, even a cat video will do, although a dog and a cat video would be even better.

Inspiration: Telling your readers, “you can do this too.” Or, “people like you and me have succeeded at this.” Or, “here are the rewards that you unlock from achieving a task like a good bookstore launch party.”

You can remember the food groups by thinking of Old Macdonald’s Farm: E-I-E-I oh! The Oh is the end result you seek. Newsletters stocked with these food groups attract attention, spark interest, stoke desire, and then prompt action.

Photo by sawyer on Unsplash

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