It’s not you, it’s your books

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A very funny and insightful essay of the above title is out on the New York Times Web site. I enjoyed it because it poked some fun at some towers of traditional good reads. It’s also got a link to some great Web sites and literary blogs.

But at its core, the essay talks about detecting affinity for love through a reading list. Ever been to a new friend’s house and looked over the bookshelves? Ever browsed a Facebook or MySpace page just to see what’s in the Favorite Books section?

It’s a funny read, but has insights you might already know. For example, that women read more fiction than men. Or that men are far less likely to write off a pretty woman just because she’s ill-read. Then there’s this, from a woman who cast off a devotee of Ayn Rand:

“I just thought Rand was a hilariously bad writer, and past a certain point I couldn’t hide my amusement.” (Members of, a dating and fan site for devotees of “Atlas Shrugged” and “The Fountainhead,” might disagree.)

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