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A good client thinks of me as King Canute. That’s the regal character who decides that he’ll prove his powers by commanding the tides to roll back. Of course, he fails, but he makes a point about the desire to command the forces of nature. It’s important to us, or we wouldn’t be preparing for droughts or severe storms. Or working to roll back the climate disaster.

Me, says my client, I’m acting like Canute when I campaign against AI. We cannot hold back the tides. Maybe, though, we can harness them as we’ve harnessed other creations, like atomic energy. I propose we promote OI, Organic Intelligence, dreamed up by us carbon-based life forms.

In the book Sapiens, a savvy scientist figures we’re not so smart. Homo sapiens wiped out the Neanderthals and created the Internet. But the scientist figures humans have about another century, based on how we’ve cratered the climate and toppled the culture. I hope he’s not correct.

But if he is correct, then let’s go out with style. Let’s create things that lead to understanding, insight, and entertainment using our carbon-based intelligence. Nikon (they make cameras, you know) agrees with that mission. Nikon launched a Native Intelligence movement with an ad campaign using real world photography. Above we see a “mutant umbrella tree shaped like a nuclear bomb explosion.”

Yeah, sounds like an AI prompt, Nikon says. Our imaginations are more powerful than a gang of computers, because we invent. Not assemble, like the language model AI does. Watch the Natural Intelligence video from Nikon about NI and get inspired. I use the video’s theme music (from Agosto) on a little loop, for when I am stuck on dreaming up a story.

Let’s not forget what brought that AI software to the table: human intelligence, whether you call it NI, or OI. I like the latter, since OI sounds like the British exclamation for “hey.” Say it with me: Oi!

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