Synopsis help from a great group partner

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My friend Laurie, hard at work drafting her novel Claire’s Run, served up a great synopsis links site awhile ago. My other writing group partner, Larisa, is now doing the heavy lifting on The Gender Game to create the synopsis to show how great her novel has become through her writing and rewriting.

Writing a synopsis is hard, so you should practice. This document sells your book. It also shows you, as you revise the synopsis, what needs to be written or rewritten, as you create your book.

Laurie’s main link is

Inside that page is a wonderful link to a Beth Anderson’s synopsis how-to, presented by way of the Chicago Crimewriter’s Web site.

Laurie posts to her own writing life and lessons blog. I recommend this tool. A blog is a place to talk out your writing process, expose and examine your log, as Eric Maisel advises in his book Fearless Creating.

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