Ron’s business and writing experience, combined with his extreme insightfulness and awareness to nuances, would make him an asset to any communication endeavor. Ron has helped me transform my writing, and it has stronger impact as a result of a better connection with readers. The difference in my finished product is profound. — Karen Hoffmann

Ron Seybold is as instrumental to my writing process as ink, paper and coffee. From story concept to final word, I rely on him for guidance every step of the way. — John Koenig

I didn’t think that I would ever write publicly. Ron’s workshop fosters a welcoming atmosphere of collaboration. Very quickly my apprehension gave way to trust. Strangers began to meet and uplift one another’s writing with sincerity. The workshops became my escape, my coterie, the place where craft is imagined and refined. — Brandon Mitchell

I learned from reading the manuscripts of other authors in the group, as well as from their comments on what I wrote. Writing with this workshop gives me insight into myself and perspective on what is happening around me. If  you’re hoping to publish something you’ve written, I highly recommend joining a Writer’s Workshop group. — Nancy Warren

I love coming to the Creation Nights for many reasons. I love to feel that I’ve written something worthwhile. I love to see my writing progress into something better. Also, getting feedback on my writing –- to not only be able to practice, but to sense that I have actually connected with people around me. Almost more than anything else, I love to see the people around me progress, to watch them develop their own voice and style. — Earnie Painter

I love going to the monthly workshop group for my novels! Three authors there have motivated me with their books: Elizabeth Buhmann, LAY DEATH AT HER DOOR; Shannon Stewart, WHAT SHE LEFT; and Claire Ashby, WHEN YOU MAKE IT HOME. — Brenda Vicars

It was great to get words on the page, read aloud, and talk writing with everyone. It’s a special group that’s going here, and I’m really happy to become a part of it. — Jan Child

The Writer’s Workshop offers a unique opportunity to explore your writing in a positive environment. Writing flash fiction in Creation Night is a blast. The varied prompts and exercises were fun and stimulating, and the energy that I discovered during the workshop carried over in my writing at home. I later moved on to Ron’s manuscript workshop where I got invaluable feedback. I look forward to every meeting! — Claire Ashby

The refuge of writing at the Workshop’s table remains one of my safest places. And when I’m not there, I think of being there! — Kara Bell

What I like about Ron’s writing table is the immediate response to a prompt — in which we reveal our unconscious self! If you love words and fun, pasta, brownies and friendly folk, Ron’s table is the place to be. — Kathleen Clark

Ah, Austin — Where else for the cost of dinner out can you get a delicious homemade meal and a literary salon? But that’s what Ron Seybold offers in his Writer’s Workshop—a cozy, safe environment in which to stretch one’s literary wings, get some helpful consultation, and enjoy the works of other fledgling writers. — Ted Smith

We are eager mountain climbers, those writers that gather at Ron’s workshop. We strive; we reach for the hand above us, even as we stretch back for those hands reaching up to us. What ground we gain in our craft, we do our best use to the benefit of the others on the same journey. I have no idea where the summit is, or when I’ll get there. But Ron and his fellow mountain climbers have elevated my work beyond any height I ever aspired to before I came. — Shannon Stewart

Ron’s workshop is very supportive of budding authors, offering creative opportunities to write, hear encouraging feedback, and write alongside others. — Lorna Idol

This writing group provided an opportunity to reach into my creative mind and find the first of many jewels, ones that have the potential to become little works of art. — Linda Thune

I liked the way the workshop experience unfolded. Getting positive feedback from other writers is nice. It gave me a great deal of enthusiasm and I was at my keyboard the next morning working on my novel with a great deal of renewed gusto. — Todd Glasscock

Ron’s warmth, compassion and creative exercises were just the right combination of fun and interesting. They spark and feed the creative mind. And there were brownies to boot! — Corey Stewart