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"Ron is much more than a master of grammar. He digs into story, plot, and characters like an archeologist uncovering buried treasure. He climbs out with questions, suggestions, and encouragement. In every case, he helps me find a better way to tell my story. And when Ron offers encouragement, I can tell it’s not just lip service. Ron believes in me."

Rob Witherspoon
Author of conspiracy parodies The Square Root of Texas and Deus Tex Machina

"Ron kept me on track with detailed editing as I wrote. He knows how to support writers. I highly recommend him as an editor."

Brenda Vicars
Author of Polarity in Motion (YA) and Faking Lucky (Romance)

"The best novels are revised and massaged until they produce the best work a writer can create. An editor’s eye for detail should be a given, but Ron’s ability to offer advice and direction below the surface is a tremendous value,"

Bill Ottinger
Author of The Last Van Gogh and Shadows of Leonardo (Thrillers)

"This book got 100 percent better after Ron Seybold became its editor. His masterful hand made my writing feel stronger and simpler to me. I benefited from his encouragement and wise suggestions."

Walter Polt
Author of the psychology self-help groundbreaker From Anger to Power

"Ron is a superb editor. Not only does he have an amazing eye for detail, a terrific set of professional ethics, and great editorial instincts, he's also able to offer advice and direction below the surface. I look forward to working with him on my future projects.”

S.A. Asthana
The Final Wars trilogy (SF) and the short story collection Beyond the Edge

"It's really rewarding to have someone who I can take the work to. I'm always looking for expertise that makes all the difference. I can go off doing something over for years and I don't know if I'm making it better or worse. And now I can feel the difference."

Carol Milberger
Author of Molded: A Memoir of Loss and Resilience

"Professional athletes have coaches — writers can, too. I have gotten so much from working with Ron. Having him as an author coach keeps me focused on the project. Then, while I write, Ron helps me think about things like pacing, delivery, and balanced narratives. He keeps me on track and helps me make my stories be the best they can be."

Earnie Painter
Author of the cat-fancy novella Carmella’s Outside

"I used Ron's expertise and strategies throughout my self-publishing experience. His good advice and sharp summaries gave my book a strong sales page."

Lucia Athens
Author of the prize-winning literary nonfiction book The Sustainability Revolutionists

The work I did with Ron at his Writer's Workshop proved crucial to crafting my memoir. The feedback I received fully informed my writing, not just on the big things like plot and character development but right down to the sentence level. Ron brings a lifetime of talent and expertise to those lucky enough to count themselves as his authors. In his coaching he also makes sure to create a safe space where writers can bring their full selves, knowing we're going to come away not just with insight on how to improve the work, but with a renewed sense of excitement and inspiration to keep doing it.

Melissa Stoeltje
Author of the memoir Drunk Love: A Marriage Under the Influence.

Ron is the reason why I was able to finally, after 12-plus years, publish my book about relationships. He brings not only his experience of being a successful author, but also his knowledge and understanding of the challenges, joys, pitfalls, and confusion that first-time authors wrangle with. It's an inner and outer struggle, a battle to publish a book, and he never flinched. He did more than 6,000 edits, many just nuanced grammatical alterations, on my rough first draft and those changes so positively influenced the tone and resonance of our eventual end product. I cannot thank Ron enough — and besides his skills, he's one of the nicest, most patient, and thoughtful humans I've ever met.

Bill O'Herron, LCSW
Author of the relationship guidance book Waking Up Marriage