The War on Fun—How Modern Culture is KILLING Creativity

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The War on Fun

Okay, so I just discovered Kristen Lamb. I’m probably one of the last, but she’s great. This column reverberates in my memory-bones. We had full days of unsupervised play as kids. (Yup, back in the ’60s, but still…) Play is so essential to being comfortable with the overwhelming choices in making stories. Anyway, read what she’s got to say about the Power of Play.

Kristen Lamb’s Blog

Moi with the AWESOME Chuck Wendig...

 Moi with the AWESOME Chuck Wendig…

Since homeschooling The Spawn, life has shifted dramatically as I struggle along this uncharted learning curve. For instance, it is a gorgeous summer this year. I’ve lived in Texas most of my life and never witnessed weather so balmy and beautiful. This morning, I step out to let the dog go bark at every thought scuttling through her brain (instead of going pee) and it’s oddly quiet. No kids. No squeals of riding bikes or rollerskating or plundering trash piles for construction materials for some ramp or fort or weapon.

When a Kid Could Be a Kid

When I was Spawn’s age, the second cartoons were over, we’d have been out the door for the entire day…willingly. Even though it was always triple-digit heat. Weather like THIS? We might have skipped the cartoons.

Okay, we’d have watched the good ones and not hung on…

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