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Some might call it an abomination. Writing with emojis rose off of emoticons. The best character-only emoticon I ever saw was ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ meaning “whatever” from the agent Kate McKean. Now we use emojis in texts, of course, and you’ll even see them in the body of emails, and of course, the subject lines.

You either like these so much it’s hard to imagine expression without them, or believe are a sad step backward in our culture. If you’re among the former and are working on later-generation audience newsletters, take heart. There are two resources to translate for you.

Emojipedia is the go-to place to learn the most popular emojis and find out what emojis to use for holidays.

EmojiTranslate translates text into emojis.

This extended world of emojis is, as I’m fond of saying, a generational thing. Emojis as exclamations are fun, but shifting from pictograms to letterforms and then back is beyond my skill set. Not enough video games in my youth, I’m sure. Watch out for the eggplant and the difference between laughing hard and laughing until you cry.

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