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At last week’s AWP Conference, the Writer’s Workshop gave writers a chance to win a copy of Pat Schneider’s essential writing group book, Writing Alone and With Others. We’re happy to announce the winners:

Ken Hanson
Sonya Feher
Usha Akella

We met plenty of fine folks on the floor of the AWP bookfair, some from right here in Austin and others from as far away as the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. I felt lucky to have such a great event right in our hometown, especially as we launch the Workshop’s first season of groups. There’s nothing like a waiting audience of several thousand writers and teachers to help you focus your message about writing resources.

We’re going back onto the conference circuit in June, taking a booth at the ever-expanding Agents & Editors Conference hosted by the Writer’s League of Texas. If you haven’t signed up for this meeting, I recommend it, even if your book isn’t quite ready for agent submission yet. One fun afternoon we all line up and pitch our book to a dozen agents in a row. Nothing like a waiting audience of agents to help you sharpen your pitch. In one AWP workshop last week, the publisher of CoffeeHouse Press explained that each book gets about 45 seconds of sales time when the publisher’s rep sells to a bookstore.

Of course, it helps if your book is finished when you pitch. More on the relative value of that advice tomorrow.

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