Personal editing. Professional results.

Speedy storytelling gifts

Writers need speed for revising and creating. 

When you sign up for an editorial service or product, we'll gift you these tools to increase your output and improve your craft. Every edit matters. The Workshop's tools include these gifts to make your writing nimble.

Blackwing 602's started building their legend in the 1940s. The mix of a special graphite and classic shape gets your drafts and edits onto the page quickly. You'll never write with a faster pencil — or revise, based on editorial notes. Each feels special in your hand.

A Field Notes notebook is the most portable notebook you'll ever carry. Each 3.5 by 5.5 notebook is 48 pages, perforated for easy removal, slim enough fit in any pocket.

Wired for Story is the bedrock guide to shaping your storytelling to captivate readers and build a fan base. Hollywood story doctor Lisa Cron's book is a masterclass of structure and character skill.

Exclusive, for a limited time to Writers' League of Texas authors, get this Bonus Gift Pack with your Writers Workshop signup. Line edits, development editing and coaching, or publishing services and strategy — I deliver personal editorial with professional results.

We drive edits with digital tools, but we see our stories with OG practices. Paper still moves books into the hearts of readers.

Call or text me at 512-657-3264, or use the Let's Connect form on this page. Let's craft your book with tools of expertise. 

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