If you’re working on a book, and writing too little, it’s time to enter Finishing School.  

I’m the only editor and creative coach in Greater Austin who uses the methods of the Amherst

We struggle separately, alone with the pitfalls

Learn to finish with the support of other authors, without judgment or even reading each other’s work. We talk out loud about our process in the previous week. 

We gather and make schedules for the week to come, getting specific about what we’ll do. Details help. You meet a Finishing Buddy who does the same. We meet because it’s personal work. 

You promise to text or email your buddy the moment you begin working each day. We meet seven days later and share how our plans worked. We all plan again, meet again, share about our process.

It’s all powered by practices of the Amherst Writers & Artists

Get your writing finished, polished, and ready to be edited. Get validation for your writing, then rely upon accountability without judgment. Find your best way to the finish.  

We meet via Zoom, weekly, for a series of five one-hour sessions.